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Based in Sydney but with a cutting garden in the Blue Mountains - I’m most likely to be found halfway between the two with a van full of seedlings, buckets of flowers, or some kind of grass foraged from the side of the highway.

For me, floristry is about the relationship between us and the natural world - plants and their flowers have always been our language for expressing what we cannot put into words. They are our medicine, our shelter, our food and they remind us that each life holds the promise of a few perfect days.

I love the easy beauty of most flowers but it’s important to me to celebrate the imperfect. A blown peony or a dahlia are not more beautiful to me than a seedpod or a twisted branch, or lichen spreading over rock. I want the life cycle and narrative power of each flower to always be present in my work.

Floristry is inextricably linked to horticulture, the landscape and the seasons - but it does not need to have anything to do with jet fuel, or micro plastics, it does not need to come bathed in toxic chemicals. That’s why I grow my own flowers and source the rest from local growers.

Growing my own flowers means that I can give my clients unique and beautiful flowers not otherwise available to florists in NSW. Many of the most delicately coloured, or heavily scented, or flowers I want to work with are the ones coloured by the minerals of the soil and bent by the wind.

I want people to feel the sunshine and the rain on their faces when they look at my flowers 

Photo by  Amelia Soegijono


It’s all about nature righto!