I'm a florist living in Sydney - I'm inspired by the changing seasons and the beauty of nature.

I grow lots of things at my parent's house in the Blue Mountains so that I can provide my clients with the most beautiful and the most unusual flowers - things that wouldn't otherwise be available from the market. I can't imagine being a florist without being able to grow my own flowers - it's the central part of my creative process.

Working with flowers really is the best job in the world and I don't mind the early mornings or the cold hands or the endless cleaning.  Ok, I mind them a bit but I mostly ignore the cleaning so I still think there's nothing else I'd rather be doing.

With every job I do it's my aim to create flowers that reflect my clients, that celebrate the seasons, and that add to the joy and beauty of your special occasion.


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Flowers that are shipped in from the other side of the world are lifeless and covered in chemicals so, for me, everything starts with whats blooming in my garden, what I can forage for, and what the local flower farmers are bringing to market.

Flowers that have grown and bloomed under the same sun and the same rain seem to work together magically and so whats growing at the time of your wedding is always the beginning of the design process.

The next step is you!  Every couple is unique and I always try to incorporate their story somehow.  I did a wedding once based off of the print on a piece of antique, French linen because Paris was the brides favourite city.

Designing this way always seems to result in a more original, more personal, and more beautiful result.

All my wedding flowers are bespoke and it's truly important to me to understand my clients and their dreams for their wedding.  That's why every project starts with a cup of tea or, if you're further afield, over skype. 

I can't wait to hear from you!






Flowers have incredible narrative power - they have the ability to remind us that each life holds the promise of a few perfect days and a few heartbreaking ones as well.

They can remind us of moments and places that you've long since left behind and they can add joy and life to a single moment. That power is my main inspiration. 




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