alice beasley cutting garden flowers

 It's quite rare to find the kind of flowers that I love at the market - the imperfect or delicately coloured ones, the ones that look like a breath of wind might send their petals cascading to the floor or that have been shaped and speckled by the rain.

That’s why I grow my own flowers in a small plot 1.5 hrs west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains. I’m just entering my second growing season and the space I have is still quite small - just two large beds - but growing flowers has really changed the way I think about floristry and my approach to design. Watching plants that I’ve grown from seed bloom feels almost magical and it’s really important to me to celebrate each flower in every arrangement I make.

I use mainly organic methods, if you don’t count the odd snail pellet or two, and any flowers left at the end of an event go back into the garden as compost.

If you’d like to follow my progress have a look at my Instagram highlights here.

If you would like to book a 1 - 1 workshop in the garden get in touch here.

Alice Beasley Flowers cutting garden pansies