Finding a Muse

It's an interesting and tricky thing creating a brand.  I've read the well meaning and practical advice of so many business coaches and wedding specific branding experts but none of them capture what I want to create - working off colour palates or brainstorming my "dream" bride isn't really for me.  Instead, I've decided to create a character, a woman who represents the creative soul of my brand and the experience I want to create for my clients.  I'm sure she will change, as my business grows and changes, but for now this is her:

A woman, not too young, who wears straw hats and cashmere jumpers with holes.  She drives an old Landcruiser that she never cleans and that is always covered in red dust.  Her favourite book is Orlando because it taught her that a woman could be free despite her circumstances.  Her mother taught her to create beauty and how to be tough.

She likes objects with stories and flowers with meaning and gardens that are slightly unruly.  Her own garden is filed with wild roses and shattered magnolias.  Outside her fence is the world - the forests, the mountains, the sea.  She collects stories from civilisations that have dimmed and makes up stories about people who have gone.

She's just an idea, a dream to aim for, in the end, when I think about the kind of business that I want to create it's easy.  I see it almost every day in the supreme generosity, openness, and searing talent of the creative women I'm surrounded by.  The photographers, stylists, designers, models, artists, filmmakers, and florists that I've had the honour to work with are my true muses.

Photos: Kara Riley

Model: Julia Belikova

kara riley
kara riley
Alice Beasley