Wild Bunch Flowers

dahlia field

I’m writing this in Tammy’s beautiful, farmhouse studio.  The sun is going down over the Herefordshire hills and I am surrounded by flowers, just picked, from the cutting garden outside.  Tomorrow I will play a tiny part in turning those flowers into arrangements for an English, country wedding. 

In a few days I’ll be leaving and, I suppose, that’s made me reflect on my time at the Wild Bunch farm.  I’ve learnt, just a little, about what it means to grow your own flowers – the pure joy of being able to create something from what’s growing around you and the hard work and devotion it takes to make that possible.

I’ve worked with flowers and colours that I’ve never seen before and I’ve made some work I’m really proud of.   It’s reconfirmed my belief that the best work is not anonymous - it’s a celebration of the seasons and it’s an unmistakable product of the soil it grew from.  That the most beautiful flowers aren’t the most perfect ones – they’re the ones that have fought hard to bloom and that are stained by the rain and twisted by the wind. 

Tammy, with her quiet brilliance and uncompromising dedication, has given me a glimpse of the kind of florist and businessperson I want to become.

summer sweet peas
Alice Beasley