Winter Weddings


Winter is a quiet time for weddings, everyone wants sunshine and warmth on their wedding day but the flowers are no less beautiful at this time of year.  Freckled hellebore, magnolia, and camellias are at their height and the last of the speckled and bleached autumn leaves are still clinging to their branches. 

The world is flooded with watery sunlight and there are hints of spring in the air.  The first ranunculuses are popping up and there is sugary, pastel coloured blossom everywhere.  But best of all, a late winter wedding would be filled with the smell of jonquils, daphne, and jasmine and each year, when those flowers bloom, the smell of them in the air would remind you of the person you love best.

Winter+wedding+flowers (1).jpeg
winter+wedding+flowers (2).jpeg
Alice Beasley